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About Xpress Oil Change Plus in Georgetown, TX

It’s About Time – An Idea Long Overdue

Since the dawn of dealerships, cars that need maintenance are assigned to the same queue as a car that needs a major repair. So an oil change and new transmission get processed the same way in their service departments. The result? Oil changes and routine maintenance that take too long, are too expensive, and don’t respect the customer’s time.

We studied the problem and decided to take a radical approach. Create a separate facility with its own bays, processes, and employees to focus on nothing but oil changes, maintenance, and other routine services. That’s why we can promise to get you in and out in under an hour. And more affordably!


Texas True Values

It’s About Family & Community

Honesty, loyalty, lasting relationships, and service to our neighbors are the true Texas values the Hewlett family and employees have lived by for nearly 50 years. Together with our staff, we provide hundreds of hours of volunteer service annually to community service efforts and we give back to numerous non-profits in Central Texas and beyond. For all of us “Texas True” isn’t a company slogan. It’s a steadfast way of life and rock solid promise to you, our customer.

Why is Our Oil Change Service Better?

It’s About One Standard – The Best

You’ve heard the saying “You can get it fast, cheap or good.” With Xpress Oil Change Plus you simply get one choice: The Best. The best turnaround time for the work that needs to be done. The best trained technicians and mechanics who know your car inside and out. And the best value on components and labor. All on top of what many of your neighbors consider the best, most hospitable lounging area in Central Texas.

Our Trust

Backed by the Hewlett family’s 50 plus year reputation for honesty, quality, and fair pricing.

Our Speed

You can count on work done right and fast at Xpress Oil Change Plus, every time, time after time.

Our Promise

We promise you, your car, and your money will ride happy as long as we’re doing the servicing.


What Do Our Customers Say?

It’s About Time – For Yourself!

Think about how much time you save from just one service visit at Xpress Oil Change Plus. Multiply it by the number of times your car needs servicing. Now imagine how you could spend all those extra hours–even days–of free time? It’s time you found out. Come see us soon!

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