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Got at minute? We’ll get you an answer

We’re always happy to personally answer any question so feel free to give Xpress Oil Change Plus a call. For your convenience, we’ve listed some of our most popular inquiries and the answers below.

What kind of vehicles does Xpress Oil Change Plus service?

Our experienced technician team will provide professional service for whatever you drive.

How often should I get my oil changed?

The majority of today’s vehicles are equipped with some type of Engine Oil Life Monitoring (OLM) System which has made the 3,000-mile oil change obsolete. These systems interpret your vehicle’s speed and engine temperature and continuously monitor operating conditions—which helps determine when it’s time for an oil change. The OLM system also monitors your personal driving habits and the area’s climate conditions to let you know precisely when to come in for an oil change. As soon as the OLM light comes on, you know it’s time for service. It’s a simple, effective way to save money and help reduce oil waste. It’s important to note, however, that vehicle use and driving habits can vary greatly so we recommend checking your vehicle oil level with every other fuel fill up and having the oil changed at least every 7,500 miles regardless of the OLM reading to ensure proper tire wear through rotation.

How do I know which type of oil to choose?

Consult your vehicle Owner’s Manual or visit the experts at Xpress Oil Change Plus to be sure you get the proper oil for your vehicle. For 2011 or newer vehicles, dexos1TM full synthetic is the recommended oil specification (dexos1TM for gasoline engines, dexos2TM for light-duty diesel engines, 15W40 CJ-4 for Duramax diesel engines). Advantages of dexos1TM full synthetic over conventional motor oil include improved oil performance and protection, increased piston cleanliness, reduced oil consumption, and greater viscosity control. We’d be happy to recommend the right oil for your vehicle – after all ‘Oil’ is our middle name!

How much does the Xpress Oil Change Plus service cost?

The quick answer? A 6 quart oil change on most vehicles is $99.95. If you drive a truck or a vehicle requiring 8qts of oil, the service is $109.95. Keep in mind the Xpress Oil Change service also includes a tire rotation, fluid top off, multi-point vehicle inspection and car wash. Some vehicles made be an additional cost. Mobil 1 oil is also additional.

What other services does Xpress Oil Change Plus offer?

Besides our oil change service that includes the “pluses” you see above, we provide a wide range of other maintenance and replacement services. Read more about them on our Services page.

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